Riesling Rosemary Pear

Public Enemy #18

This perfect winter indulgence allows you to be swept away by the romantic, old world charm of traditional cold weather stars - deliciously sweet pears, aromatic rosemary and crisp acidic Riesling.

First we select only the sweetest pears, succulent and ripe with creamy, honey-sweet flesh and add rosemary, a wonderfully scented, evergreen herb with silvery green needles and a fragrance that evokes the forest and the sea. The finishing touch is a Riesling produced by a biodynamic vineyard and sweet with lush apple and pear at the forefront and alluring floral undertones. This combination evokes memories of the tranquility of a winter forest walk as silent snowflakes float to the earth and sunlight filters through the trees.

Each jar comes with a cocktail recipe card. Gift Boxes available (options shown on right)

Ship up to six jars for a flat rate of $8.50 anywhere in the Continental US. [Contact Us for shipping rates on large orders]




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